How secure is your business?
How safe are your accounts?
How trustworthy are people?

These are fair questions, and while in most cases, we’re scammer savvy, security aware and we’re lucky enough to employ staff or engage bookkeepers who are upstanding citizens and will do the right thing. However, as with all things in life there are always the exceptions to the rule. All too often we see business owners relying on the banks or trusting their staff to do the right thing, but an unfortunate fact is, if your internal controls are weak it’s all too easy for opportunists to misappropriate funds.

So, ask yourself, are your business controls up to scratch? Do you use a second level approval system when banking transactions are being made? Whether the answer is Yes, No or I don’t know, our audit staff can have a look at your procedures and policies and make sure that you have appropriate levels of internal control in place to give you the peace of mind.

James Davis

– Posted 01.03.2018

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