This process has been written to assist our clients with reporting eligible JobKeeper employees to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll (STP).

If you are not eligible for JobKeeeper, you do not need to act on this email.

Additionally, if you do not use either Xero or MYOB payroll systems, then please contact your software provider for guidance.

Click to open the appropriate instructions:

For those of you that are eligible for JobKeeper and use Xero or MYOB payroll systems, we hope the attached instructions will assist you with the next step in the JobKeeper process by reporting your eligible JobKeeper employees to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll.

A couple of words of advice:

  • To receive the JobKeeper payments for the first 2 fortnights ending 26 April (and despite ongoing changes from the ATO), ensure you have paid your staff by 30 April 2020
  • Any such payment will need to be backdated in your software to 26 April 2020 to meet ATO requirements (in accordance with our written instructions)
  • If you are claiming to receive the JobKeeper payment for an Eligible Business Participant, then your claim is not made as part of the STP payroll system – this will be dealt with separately from the 4 May onwards via the ATO portal.

We hope our instructions assist you with these next steps in the JobKeeper process. The notes have been written by the collective forces of Brad, Jason, April, Laura & Milly – thank you.

– Ian Hogbin & James Davis

Posted 27.04.2020

Updated 01.05.2020

This article is compiled as a helpful guide for your private information and is subject to copyright. We suggest that you do not act solely on the basis of material contained in this article because items are of general nature only and may be liable to misinterpretation in particular circumstances. We recommend that our advice be sought before acting on any of these crucial areas.

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